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Andrew Morse, LPC

​"Seeking help requires an immense amount of courage and humility, and having the fortitude to address personal issues through psychotherapy is sign of great strength."

Are you seeking counseling in Atlanta? Andrew provides individual counseling as well as couples counseling. 

Why work with Andrew?

Andrew has experience working with individuals, families, couples, and groups in outpatient psychotherapy, inpatient psychiatric, university counseling, and small group practice settings. He is experienced and qualified to assist clients with a variety of clinical concerns,  Andrew has a depth of knowledge that can be particularly helpful for young adults and young adult professionals that are suffering from anxiety, addiction, and anger management related issues. 

Education & Professional Experience
​* Licensed Professional Counselor.

* Nationally Certified Counselor

* Master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Mercer University in Atlanta, GA. 
​ * Working toward his PhD in Counselor Education and Supervision at Mercer University in Atlanta. GA.

Andrew's Approach to Helping Clients Andrew approaches counseling from a wellness perspective as he assists his clients with maximizing their overall sense of well-being. Identifying physical, mental/emotional, social, occupational, spiritual, or environmental obstacles is an integral part of the therapeutic process.  Andrew works with his clients to help them to recognize and work through these obstacles in order to experience personal growth.  By utilizing methodologies that blend humanistic concepts with cognitive behavioral therapy,  Andrew takes the time to truly understand the unique perspective of each client. He strives to empower individuals by encouraging them to actively make changes in their lives, which ultimately lead to desired levels of personal satisfaction.  Andrew recognizes that providing a safe and judgment free environment is critical to success of any therapeutic relationship.

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Counseling in Atlanta

Jon A. Parker, LAPC

 "I believe that people should seek counsel when life is going as expected and in times of emotional and psychological distress. Counseling allows for us to work through our blind spots, it helps us to improve or maintain good mental and spiritual health, and it helps us heal."

Why work with Jon?

Jon brings real life experiences into his work with his clients. He has many years of practical experience in the world of business, entertainment, cultural and world travel, banking, accounting, and personal growth and success.

Jon had worked with a wide spectrum of individuals from elementary through high

school, college students, business professionals, and those who work in the entertainment industry. Jon is also a life coach and has been both a mentor and consultant for many years.

 Education & Professional Experience   

Jon obtained his undergraduate degree from the University of California, Berkeley (2002) and holds a Master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from Richmont Graduate University (2014). 

Jon has over 12 years experience in counseling and life coaching. He has successfully worked with individuals, couples, families, and groups in clinical environments, within a community context, school systems, and in traditional counseling settings. 

Jon's Areas of Specialty

  • Young Adult Business Professionals 

Jon has 12 years experience in corporate America as a personal banker and as a Licensed Tax Preparer. Jon also moonlighted in the entertainment industry. 

  • Couples, Family & Relationships

Jon enjoys working with couples and families as well as individuals struggling with relationships. Jon also had several years of experience working with children, adolescents, young adults and families. He has experience working with those in the premarital phase, new families, and seasoned couples. 

  • College-Aged & Young Adults

On the individual side, Jon has experience working with elementary through high school and college students.  He understands the unique set of challenges that young adults and college-aged young people face in a rapidly changing world.  

  • Entertainers

Among his other distinctions, Jon is a Grammy nominated audio engineer, he is an award-winning journalist, and he currently is a co-host of an internationally downloaded podcast.

Life Experiences

Jon is a well traveled, adventure seeking, life enthusiast, who finds great delight in helping others. In his life journey thus far, he has traveled to five continents and 10 countries, seeing both the highs and lows of the human condition. In his own life he has experienced personal tragedy and loss but also great triumph and deep expressions of love and compassion. Jon’s personal experiences and globetrotting have helped him realize that there is more to life than pleasure-seeking and checking off a bucket list. He is committed to seeking justice, healing the wounded, and illuminating the path of the lost. 

Through therapy and life coaching, Jon seeks to help others achieve clarity on three levels via mind, body, and soul.  

Jon Parker, LAPC practices under the direction of Daniel P. David, PhD and the clinical supervision of Precious Avorkliyah, LCSW. 

Jon A. Parker, LAPC - Personal Website

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